BIG UPDATE: SYL a Closed Chapter says Sukhbir Badal
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After the Legislative Assembly, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal held a Press Conference, wherein he said that SYL chapter is now closed as they have decided over it. Punjab Government had de-notified SYL land Free of cost to the farmers and also decided to charge each cost of water been given to other states during past years. The Legislative Assembly unanimously had passed the orders on the issue of SYL.

The FAQs by Badal on the SYL

  1. Why do you need to see President of India over SYL Issue?

We want to aware President about the decision of Legislative Assembly. President had asked some four suggestions from the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the Court did not find it considerable. So, we as Punjab Government wants to convey to President that we do not agree upon the decisions of Hon’ble Supreme Court. As soon as we get the time to see the President, we would go there and deliver the situation there.

  1. What if Himachal asked for Royalty from Punjab, then?

Sukhbir answered that Punjab is a Riparian State, the river are naturally flowing here. Nobody can stop the flow and if Himachal tries to stop the flow of river then they themselves would sink. As per policy and law the state who has natural resources there, then the state has lawfully right to have its stake over it. Punjab itself has its own water natural resources.

  1. Isn’t it better to have a Bill over Resolution on SYL?

First of all it is not a Resolution; it is an order of Legislative assembly. An order of legislative assembly is more powerful than a Bill and it cannot be bypassed. If anyone bypass it then they have to face the music.

  1. What if Supreme Court asked the Chief Secretary to maintain the status quo?

Deputy CM explained that Government had de-notified the land. Since Supreme Court has shut the case, So there is no question of overriding the decision of Supreme Court. Presently there is no situation of status quo. The Assembly could ask anyone to follow the orders otherwise face the consequences.


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