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–         Vedhika helps to build optimism

–         Corporates hiring services of ‘aura healers’

M4PNews | Chandigarh:

Yes, its all about aura as they say ‘not to recognize the effect of the aura is the greatest tragedy. Your radiance has more power to repel negativity than anything your brain can think of.’ This is trending in corporate houses these days, which are hiring Aura Healers to repel negativity from their employees! And Sector 28, Chandigarh -based Vedhika-Mystical Sciences Institute owner, Dishaa A Singal, is one among those who got hired for sessions of ‘Aura Reading and Healing recently’. Dishaa’s job involves scanning the invisible energy fields around the human body — referred to as aura — and to look for defects that might cause physiological as well as physical problems.

Dishaa uses her senses to read the aura and sometimes uses Aura Scanner and Imagery . A hand-held machine used for the energy reading of the person being scanned. The total of all the readings defines the aura. Dishaa believes aura reading is becoming increasingly credible, “The contention that all objects — living and non-living — have an aura has often been viewed with skepticism. But that is changing now.” She gets 10 to 15 clients a week and conducts aura reading workshops every weekend with different corporate houses in and around the city.

“Alternative healing therapies such as reiki, hypnotherapy are known words, but we are not only doing that, we also use the EFT technique i.e. Emotional Free techniques. New energy therapies such as aura reading, EFT, Spiritual Healing, Numerology, Tarot Reading etc are helping people lead a better life ahead. The classes and workshops are beginning from July  onwards,” says Dishaa.

A clinical psychologist, Dr Ruby Ahuja adds, “We treat our patients with these techniques too, as aura healers play a vital role in healing corporate sector employees. They are much plagued with depression and work pressure. The results are really good.”

Practitioners of energy therapies contend that disease can occur because of the imbalance in energy patterns. Dr Amreek Singh, clinical psychologist, AIIMS, says, “Energies that govern the functioning of the body include thoughts, reactions, perceptions, knowledge, experience and so on, but none of these are measurable, tangible or visible.” She adds, “There is proof that they have an impact on the body. A simple, unexpected smile can change the outcome of one’s day. Positive thinking can kill pain.”


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