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No Pain of Revision Surgery any more-First Time happened in Amritsar

Advanced Knee Replacement technology introduced at FEHA


Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar today introduced the latest knee replacement implant and surgical technique, Knee Surgery would last for fourty years. In the world with the advantage of near normal knee motion and having less of wear and tear. This knee replacement surgery uses a fourth generation Attune knee system. This is the very first fourth generation attune knee implant surgery conducted in Amritsar by Dr.Ranjit Singh who has recently joined Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar.
Dr Ranjit Singh, Senior Consultant Orthopaedics and Joint replacement at FEHA, Amritsar, stated that only few centers in India have started this type of knee replacement.
He further stated, that the patented technologies of Attune enables smooth and stable flexion and extension of the knee joint without any abrupt jerks, which makes the patient even forget that a surgery was ever performed on them! The new age implants are lasting for 40 years and with the newer mobile bearing technology, the knee rotates upto 20 degrees as it bends, hence mimicking the natural knee motion.
Explaining about knee replacement surgery, Dr Singh said that nowadays-younger patients are undergoing surgery and everyone wants that the surgery should last lifetime with no need of revisions. In this endeavor newer techniques and new knee implants are being developed. Dr Singh stated that in his practice he sees around 4-5 cases per month, which require revision because of multiple reasons as loosening, infection, wear and tear of implant. However, patients are not keen on revision because of exorbitant cost of revision surgery and its morbidity. Hence the need of a knee system which would last forever. This newer knee system would go a long way in reducing the revision surgeries. Indian knee bones are smaller as compared to the knee bones of the westerner’s. For knee replacement surgery, lot of bone had to be cut to fit the knee prosthesis but with this knee implant, less bone is cut, and hence the fit is better, thus promising more motion and stability in the operated knee. He further stated that this type of surgery would be beneficial in the younger and high demanding patients as this would allow them to indulge in light sporting activities and the patient can even sit on the floor.

Dr Singh Explained that he has seen lot many advancements in knee replacement surgery. When a knee system forces us to compromise on implant shape and size, it’s no surprise many total knees patients report that their implant doesn’t feel like a “normal knee” and they eventually fail. Attune Knee System has helped us engineer a solution that allows us to personalize each patients’ needs and fit, thus making the patient comfortable post surgery. This Knee System introduces the most anatomically accurate components available for a new level off it tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy.

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