Law and order not at Mark, Sukhbir again sang his favourite “Pakistan-Pakistan” Song
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After the Nabha Jail Break incident Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal again sang “Pakistan-Pakistan” song while asking why law and order is not at the mark. He answered It is again Pakistan game, they attacked on our jail. Before this incident, Sukhbir blamed Pakistan for other incidents happened in Punjab in recent years.  Though after the Jailbreak took all the limelight, Sukhbir dismissed ADGP in haste and have suspended Jail Superintendent along with other officials. Here are some points when Punjab’s Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal took plea of Pakistan, escaped his skin and have grilled government employees and machinery over his mistakes.

  1. Nabha Jail Break: It is Pakistan who broke jail security and freed terrorists.
  2. Synthetic Drug: Few years ago, In zirakpur a lab was raided and there have been synthetic drugs being supplied from this lab. At that point of time, Sukhbir very conveniently named Pakistan behind it
  3. Drug supplies in youngsters: Sukhbir blamed Pakistan for drug supplies here in Punjab
  4. AAP Party is an ISI Agent: Political parties keep attacking each other but Sukhbir Badal named AAP party as Pakistani ISI Agent many times.
  5. RSS Gagneja Death Incident: Here, again Sukhbir blamed Pakistan for his death.
  6. Pathankot Attack: There had been news in flame at that point of time when Pathankot was attacked.
  7. Sacrilege Incident: Sukhbir Excused on the name of Pakistan in case of Sacrilege incident happened, But ground realities were quite different.
  8. Congress is ISI driven Party: Sukhbir Badal always go one step ahead, when he can not answer on anything he blamed Pakistan for that particular reason.

Sukhbir please give us something new to listen or if you are that fed up with Pakistan interfering that much here in Punjab then why ain’t you let Punjab breathe UNDER CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. PLACE PRESIDENT’S RULE HERE, YOU BETTER LEAVE GOVERNMENT SEAT BENEFITS AND KEEP SINGING AND BLAMING PAKISTAN.

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