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Miracles Do Happen, Yes, Here is real experience of a Doctor who seen Miracles beyond Science. Talking to Dr Rajesh Vijayvergiya, Professor Cardiologist, PGIMER, Chandigarh,

Of-course, miracles happen in every aspect of life and medical science is no exception to it,  says Dr. Rajesh Vijayvergiya.

As a surgeon, one do his level best for the good outcome of surgery and well-being of the patient.  However, the recovery during the surgery is variable and dependent on various other factors. A certain complication rate is always associated with any surgery, whether it is major or minor type. Even a simple injection have a complication rate of local infection, abscess formation, allergic reaction etc. Despite all the efforts, sometimes surgeon fails to bring the patient back on the track, and here he do pray God or Superpower to help him for betterment of the patient. During the professional career, every surgeon or physician has the experience of miracle happening during the patient treatment, which is not explainable with medical science. A routine “Rx” sign on all prescription by a doctor denotes a pray to god for well-being of his treated patient.

I had an experience of miracle happening during coronary angioplasty of one of my patient, way back in year 2009. An 82-years old male was taken for coronary angioplasty of one of the blocked heart vessel on one fine morning of December 2009.  

Following putting a stent or metal jacket across blocked site, the vessel had a severe perforation. His condition worsens immediately in few seconds, for which cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was started.

In next few minutes, his condition started improving and to my surprise, the perforated site got sealed off spontaneously. In next 6 hours he was off the mechanical ventilation, and I could discharge him after 4 days of surgery.  He is still doing well at 6 years of follow-up.

He had a miraculous recovery from the complication which happened during angioplasty. This case was presented in an international conference at Paris, France in year 2011.

   Anywhere in the world, people have their own experiences related to one or other form of miracles happening which are beyond the limits of scientific explanations.

I personally feel that praying to God or Superpower helps in boosting the confidence and aggressiveness of an individual surgeon for better outcome of his patients. There are certain things which are not under the preview of a treating doctor, and it should be left to almighty for better outcome of patient.

Dr Rajesh Vijayvergiya

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