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  • Punjab Government manipulates rules

  • Disregards Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

  • Maintains only 15 metres of silence zone around hospitals as opposed to the stipulated 100 metres

Taruni Gandhi, Chandigarh

Yes Now, Get Hospitalised in Industrial areas. Although the Environment (Protection) Act says that a silence zone of 100 metres should be maintained around any new hospital that has to be built, it seems like the Punjab Government has its own ideas. That is why it has recently passed a notice where only 15 metres of silence zone is enough.

To keep a control on noise pollution, the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, has clearly stipulated that a silence zone of 100 metres should be maintained around the hospital. Even the Ministry of Environment issued strict regulation in the form of ‘The Noise Pollution (Regulation And Control) Rules, 2000’. Under these regulations, it is clearly mentioned that ‘hospital’ means an institution for the reception and care of sick, wounded, infirm or aged persons, and includes government or private hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. So, the silence zone is mandatory.

Punjab Government’s folly

Just to give the so-called ‘parity’ in all master plans of different cities, the Punjab Government has implemented new rules under section 70 (5) of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act 1995 vide notification number 8582CTP (pb) SA-152 dated 10-12-2012.

amritsar-page-001This notice was issued after considering the proposal of Amritsar master plan. It had come to the notice of the Government of Punjab that hospital construction is not permissible in industrial areas whereas in other master plans of cities like Patiala, Ludhiana and Jalandhar, these are already operational in industrial areas! Overlooking the same, the master plan of Amritsar has been passed on similar lines, which is clearly neglecting the rules of Ministry of Environment.

On the same grounds, the Kerela Government was nailed by the National Green Tribunal in 2015 under ‘The Noise Pollution (Regulation And Control) Rules, 2000’. So, is Punjab Government likely to face any action? Only time will tell.

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