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Manipulated facts in papers to vamp private companies into project

M4PNews | Chandigarh

Pb Govt to have ones way for Ranjit Sagar Dam Tourism Project. The Punjab Government in a race to run Ranjit Sagar Tourism project is all set to have ones way to implement anything, be it against the rules. In an order to lure private companies towards this project government has manipulated the papers where in Irrigation Department has cleared that any activity within 2 Km area near the wall of dam is clearly prohibited where as last week the Deputy Commissioner of Pathankot has sent a NO Objection Certificate to Chief Engineer of Dhauladhar tourism development board to start sports activities with in the 2km of water resource near wall of dam. It is mentioned in No objection Certificate that the Monitoring Engineer of Dam has no objection while running sports activity within 2km of water resource near the dam wall. So Deputy Commissioner has issued No Objection Certificate while taking monitoring engineer stand as final verdict on this issue. While taking meeting on 20 April 2016 DC of pathankot issued a No objection certificate to Chief Engineer of Shivalik Dhauladhar tourism development board to start sports activities there.

 Its fishy

Although the as per the Senior officials of Irrigation Department, they have cleared in their official papers that any kind activity within 2km of dam wall is clearly prohibited.

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