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–Terminalia Bellirica (Baheda herb) smuggled from Chandigarh Mohali Border

Taruni Gandhi
M4P|News, Chandigarh
Smuggling of Herb “Baheda” from Chandigarh to Delhi. Yes, The Herb Terminalia Bellirica named “Baheda” in Hindi, known to be Best medicine of Ayurveda, openly fearlessly smuggled from Chandigarh to Delhi. The Baheda Trees fruit are openly extracted, Herb is being smuggled to ayurvedic medicine factories situated at Delhi and suburb areas. This is shocking that Chandigarh Administration has nothing to do with this, moreover when officers asked on this issue then they say this is not concern area of Municipal Corporation. Where as when Forest officers asked on this issue then they say it is under jurisdiction of Horticulture wing of Municipal Corporation and they as Forest Officers can not just take action against this illegal activity.
Well whosoever’s responsibility lies here, fact is that Baheda Fruit flower is smuggled through loaded trucks going to Delhi.
On 5th May 2016,  From sector 40 Fountain chowk to Diplast Chowk Mohali road, two truck loaded with Baheda fruit boarded to Delhi today itself. Actually many families seems from villages have been in process of drying Baheda Fruit for the last two to three months. After drying process, They filled it in bags and when bags count increases, they got it loaded on trucks and smuggle to Delhi. As per these people they get money per kilogram while smuggling the same.
What is Baheda- How it is so Precious

Bahera; Terminalia bellericais is an organic Herb, one and the only herb which is equally effective in diseases of all Dhatus (Body systems) as it nourishes the body deeply. One of the synonyms of Bahera is Bibhitaki which means a herb which makes the fellow fearless; it also indicates towards the usefulness of Bahera in disease originating from any of the system. Fruit pulp of Bahera nourishes the eyes, hairs and indicated in hoarseness of voice. Bahera also acts as mild sedative so it can be used in insomnia also.

Bahera is one of the miraculous herbs, because this is the rarest herb which work on all Seven Dhatus and gives the best results to the body. This is also a content of the Triphala- a main remeady of Ayurveda for health maintenance. Bahera fruit powder is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, haemostatic and gives black colour to skin and hair. Oil extracted from the seeds of the Bahera seeds works as a hair tonic.

Bahera being ushna, it is deepan, laxative and anthelmintic. Bahera is antiemtic and reduces excessive thirst. Bahera fruit pulp is indiacted as a blood coagulant due to astringent property. Powder of the Bahera fruits help in asthma and cough by reducing the inflammation of the bronchi. Pure pulp of bahera- seedlesss works as an aphrodisiac. Bahera pulp is intoxicant and analgesic.

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