Sukhbir’s Development Agendas went “Pokey”
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Graph of completed work under Urban Mission is quite low

Major work is still pending after releasing grant

7 out of 543 development works have completed in Amritsar only

As per Officials, they are lagging behind atleast 22 percent to targets

38 percent development works been completed till October 2016.

80 percent target was set till the end of November 2016


The propaganda of “so called Development in Punjab” might unease Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal during this election tenure.  The sluggishness in speed of completing the targets is the root cause of this unease. The situation is quite serious because Under Urban Mission, the government was unable to meet 20 percent of targets in completing the projects. As the report compiled by the government in August 2016, In case of Amritsar only 7 out of 543 proposed projects have been completed as yet and same story is with other districts.

Infact, the grant for all of these projects has already been released initially in the start of 2016 only. As per expectations of Deputy CM, had all of these projects been completed, the government would have gained a lot in this election period. But, alas the Parasitism shattered all the dreams.

The officials of Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company agreed on this that there is been very lean behavior towards completing the projects. There have been target of meeting 60 percent but only 38 percent been able to meet. Now, the officials are claiming to meet 80 percent target in this month only.

PIDB had conducted 136 meetings to speed up the scheduled word in June 2016. All funds were released to considered districts. But even then work been delayed and delayed. According to the officials the reason behind the delays is Third Party Audit. As per Urban Mission the Third Party Audit is mandatory which caused so many technical complications. As a result government had to install new committee consisting Chief Engineer and technical Advisors in September 2016. Further this committee has introduced new suggestions for the scheduled projects.

Material Test Certificate was again an issue

This has again been a compulsion to have Material Test Certificate. It is been found that the material was less used than required amount. Then there has been problem in having certificate for Cement, Bricks and PVP Pipes. So, attaining the Certificate has been a task for the concerned departments.  After, facing the problem the conditions been changed and authority was assigned to the Engineer In-charge to get the work done.


These are the Development works which are completed till August




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