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Did you Really Forget them



It is been two years when Sukhna Lake was shut for 40 days, it is theirs 2nd Death Anniversary and we wonder if any Chandigarhian Missing them. As Sukhna is still missing all those Geese who been culled due to H5N1 Flu two years ago. It was 13 December 2014 when four Geese found dead at the Bank of Sukhna and after then over 100 Geese died slowly due to Avian Flu. This news was not less than a Emergency for Chandigarh People as many of residents stopped eating Chicken and Non-Veg after the Spread of Avian Flu.


This was the first time in the History of Chandigarh when Sukhna was sealed for 40 days and Whole Chandigarh desperately waited for its reopening. After Breaking Many hearts Administration killed 300 plus Geese at Sukhna and have instructed nearby residents to take all precautionary measures.

At that time, Department had taken all possible measures to make people understand that NonVeg is safe to eat. Again, for the first time in History of Chandigarh, A Non-Veg Langar was organised by Poultry Department of Chandigarh.


Geese died due to aflatoxins, Sign Boards Installed

The Director, Central Poultry Development Organisation (North Region), Dr K Ravi Kumar claimed that the symptoms show that the geese died due to aflatoxins caused by fungus-infested food. “There is no doubt that the geese were fed popcorns, stale bread, grams, groundnuts and other heavy grains that gather fungi. Migratory birds will also fall prey to aflatoxins if the authorities fail to stop the practice of feeding fish and birds human food,” he advised.

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