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Taruni Gandhi

M4P News| Chandigarh

In second part of is PNDT Act sleeping for these sites, They dont fear PNDT act- Yet another post on sex determination on another facebook page of pregnancy tips is saying how first ultrasound could tell you about sex of your child. Yesterday told that is PNDT act is sleeping for these sites, today another fb page of same site is telling about sex determination. Question remains the same is PNDT act meant to disturb diagnostic centres only or these sites owners could learn some lessons from our so called health authorities.

At the one hand government is cealing ultrasound centres for not keeping appropriate records and God forbid if someone in revenge complains of any centre for false activities in doing sex determinations the alleged person would be behind the bar. But these sites owners are perhaps above the law and system, perhaps thats why they do not fear PNDT Act et all.

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