Village Masol’s destiny set to take a U-turn
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– Govt, reluctant to construct even a road, now building high-level bridges

– 60 years after Independence, this village did not have a single road

M4P News | Chandigarh:

Yes, Village Masol’s destiny set to take a U-turn. Village Masol near Chandigarh, which did not have a single road even 60 years after Independence, is all set to be host to high-level bridges, courtesy the Punjab Government’s thirst for vested interests. As per residents of the village, large chunks of land in this village have been bought by renowned affluent personalities closely associated with the Punjab Government. This is the reason behind the massive construction at Masol village.

As per Sidha Singh of Masol village, “I still remember the days when we were deprived of even the basic facilities in this village. Forget road connectivity, we didn’t even have water and electricity connections. We used to go to Chandigarh by camels. Our relatives used to laugh at us, when they visited us and saw us living just a mile away from so called ‘Hi-fi’ city of Chandigarh. Here we were, living in a village with no basic facilities even 60 years after Independence.”

Explaining further, another resident of Masol, Sukha said, “Due to the difficult life here, maximum people sold their land and shifted to Haryana. We are only 100 families here now who have written a letter to the Haryana Government to take this village in Haryana’s custody. But nothing happened. Finally, in 2012, the Punjab Government decided to bestow its blessings upon this village.”

The government directly the PWD B&R to construct a link road to village Tandi from Masol and within a few months, a road was constructed.

As per the villagers, due to a Seasonal River lying in middle of link road, the construction was carried out in pockets. Earlier, while travelling towards to village Masol, one had to drive through the Seasonal River. But the fortunes have taken a U-turn for village Masol. Following the government order, the PWD department is going to spend Rs 4.50 Crore to construct 4 high-level bridges along with one cause way.

If this is a favour to the residents of Masol, or the rich land-owners of the village, dear to the Punjab Government, only the latter can tell!


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