Watch Video: Corruption Since 1947 surprisingly all in Congress Government tenure
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DeMonetisation there have been a lot of Ifs Buts trolling over the Social Media. people are standing in lines to exchange the old notes. But what we are showing you today, this is indeed shocking to know that this much figure shown in this video pasted below,  could have changed our country’s destiny quite before than we could have thought of. This much amount which had been digested by corrupt politicians, could have saved our country from poverty, unemployment.

This billions of looted money ruined not only ours future but put India lagging back in race of becoming A Super Power. Check in the Video and decide who has done what and whom to blame for what!! We hope that our reader is wise enough to judge what had happened in our past and what consequences would be handling now and in future. It is to our shock that Indians despite knowing about all these scams have allowed this corrupt parties to rule over us. Well, This is not mistake of corrupt politicians, it is our mistake that we have allowed them to loot us this after independence. They are no body but Black Britishers who looted, ruled us for their own benefits. Wake Up India, Its a High Time!!


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