Yes, people who cry are actually stronger
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Yes, people who cry are actually stronger. Tears have always been looked down upon as signs of weakness & self-pity. But what many tend to ignore that crying is a natural state of expression while it’s natural for you to rejoice when something good is happening to you, it’s natural that you would cry when you are passing through testing times. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are crying and in no way your tearful outburst makes you a weak & unstable person. In fact, it’s said that people who cry often are actually mentally stronger. Is it true? Well, find it yourself from the pointers below.

They aren’t scared to show their emotions
If something great happens to you, say a promotion, won’t you smile and jump with joy? Similarly, if you have a breakup, it’s only real that you would burst out into tears. People who cry understand that crying and sadness is just an expression of emotions as smile or happiness is – and they are never afraid to show their true emotions. They understand this basic thing that they are human & when they cry, they have this courage to explain themselves in their own ways beyond the typical run-of-the mill behavioral norm template of the society.

They understand tears are soul cleansers
While tears are condemned as signs of weakness, these actually come up with soul-cleansing properties. Yes, people who cry are actually stronger because they can let go off their stress through tears which helps them to feel a lot lighter and keep them mentally grounded. The more you suppress your sorrow or sadness, more would be the emotional burden for you. Crying relieves the mind from negative emotions just as saliva is released from trumpet.

They know that crying helps them to feel good
Yes, call it a paradox or the irony of life yet crying can actually make a person feel good. A lot of studies taken on crying have revealed that people who cry have said that the very expression helps them to feel better and happy. How is that even possible? Well, actually the act of crying stimulates the brain to release the fee-good hormone endorphin which in turn a sense of calmness, joy & relief.

Crying even lowers the manganese levels in the body that might exasperate the body & brain if left exposed to for too long. Crying does not mean end of your problem. But people who cry knows that as crying leaves them with calmness and a happy feel, they get to think over the problem with a clearer & lighter mind.

They don’t bother about typical societal roles
A lot of people are afraid to cry out given the social stigma attached with the act. Men are almost banished of found crying and women too are looked down upon as a wreck or somebody who seeks too much of attention from others. But the truth is not all women who cry are unstable and crying does not make one any less of a man. So, those who cry are brave enough to think beyond the typical societal stigmas which echo their mental strength.

They encourage others to be true with their feelings
People who are not afraid to cry encourage others to be true to their feelings, like them. They make people feel comfortable around them which enable one to be at his or her true self.

You would be amazed to know that tears not only release the negative emotions but also releases toxins, kill off 90-95% bacteria in 5-10 minutes & help to improve vision. So, it won’t be overstretching to infer that people who cry are not only emotionally stronger but are healthier and smarter as well.

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